Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Padlocks and Combination Locks
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Padlocks can be used for protecting a number of different items to prevent theft and damage or your property. They can be used for anything from commercial gates, storage units harvesting valuable items, lockers, bikes, boxes, luggage, Garden sheds, tool boxes and much much more.
Finding the right padlock for you is important there are many different types made out of different materials for outside or inside use and offering different levels of security.

Padlock – A key operated locking device

Combination lock – Is a locking device using a sequence of numbers or symbols to lock or unlock it ranging from inexpensive low level security to high security locks

Multidial - commonly used as a lower level lock for things like bicycles or briefcases.  It is easily picked and not recommend for use on high value products.

Single dial – Mainly used for lockers, gates and some safes

Electronic Combination Lock – generally safe from attacks but can be prone to mechanical damage

Here are some manufactures of high security padlock and combination locks


Master Lock

Sargent and Greenleaf




These companies provide pretty steady weather, fire proof locking systems, suitable for most objects. There are a few floors with this type of lock that’s either misplacing the key to the padlock or forgetting the combination. In either case you should try to find a local locksmith who can help you get into the lock. Locksmiths are well trained individuals, they have experience in all types of locks and can open pretty much anything they are also licensed, insured and bonded.  The operate a mobile service meaning they will travel to you at your location it will take an estimated time of 20 minutes for them to get to you after you have spoken to the call center. If you have a non-emergency situation then you might choose to schedule an appointment instead. Service calls and appointments can be made at any time as the majority of mobile locksmiths work 24/7 as you can never tell when the unexpected will happen. The locksmith will be able to pick lock, bump locks, break combination, drill/ cut locks if need be. They should be pretty fast at completing their task and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to do it but it will be determined by the type of lock you have. Security of you property should be a number one priority   for you, using the most suitable and hardy lock and taking the  appropriate care when things get damaged or you suspect a forced entry.

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