Monday, April 25, 2016

The Different Types of work a locksmith can do

 Not everyone knows exactly what the job of a locksmith is. Most people think that the extent of a locksmith’s profession is cutting keys and repairing locks. This is true, but as the security industry is a fast paced developing world locksmiths have become much more astute into all aspects of security. Keeping up to date with the latest advancements means they are able to help many more clients fore fill their requirements.
There are two different types of locksmiths one that owns a shop and operates from that location and another who is mobile and comes to your locations. Mobile locksmith are more widely used for emergencies. The common services that a locksmith will provide do vary slightly per company but most can do:-
Residential Solutions
·         House, Condo, Apt Lockout 24 hour Service
·         Eviction Services
·         Break in Repair
·         Rekeying
·         Maintenance or residential locks
·         Intercom systems
·         Camera Security
·         Mailbox Opening
·         Lost Keys
·         Inside Doors, Windows, Furniture
·         Safe Cracking
·         New Lock Installations

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